Sunday, December 30, 2018

Product Review: Reshow Cassette Player – Portable Tape Player ASIN: B018WBUJBS

Not too long ago my child bride Suzanne found a cassette tape course on business that I had purchased over 30 years ago.  I remembered it being helpful, but I did not remember anything else about it.

We no longer have a cassette player, so we had no way to play it.  We did a little research and found that for less than $25 we could by the Reshow Cassette Player.

This little tape player will allow me to listen to the tape series over the included earbuds or on a set of headphones.  AND, I can connect it via the included USB cable into my computer and covert the cassettes to MP3 or other audio format using Audacity.  

If you already have Audacity on your computer, all you will need to do to use this player to transfer files is to plug it in.

You can use your Reshow Cassette Player to listen to tapes on the go by installing a pair of AA batteries (not included).  You can also use the player without batteries by plugging it into your USB port.

So far I have transferred 4 of the 8 cassette tapes from that course into my computer. It works just fine for me.  The original tape hiss is still there, but that is a given. The good thing is that since I now have the files in a digital format, I don’t have to worry about tape degradation over time.

If you have any old cassette tapes, you will want to get your own Reshow Cassette Player.  

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